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Surgical Root Canal Retreatment

Apicoectomy, also known as Surgical Root Canal Retreatment, is performed only after the traditional root canal treatment was unsuccessful.

An apicoectomy is performed when X-rays exhibit an unresolved black circle around the tooth, a fistula is present in the gum, or there is persistent inflammation and infection in the area around the root tip of the tooth after a root canal procedure. At times infection may be present without the associated pain.

The root tip (apex) of the tooth and the surrounding infected tissue is removed after an injection of local anesthetic. The root is often sealed with a root-end filling. The gingiva is then repositioned with sutures.

Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is needed when jaws don't meet correctly and/or teeth don't seem to "fit" with your jaws. In most cases, teeth are straightened with orthodontics, and then corrective jaw surgery repositions misaligned jaws. This not only improves facial appearance, but also ensures that teeth meet correctly and function properly. Orthognathic surgery allows for repositioning of teeth and facial bones to create a more balanced appearance with jaws that work together well.

Difficulty in the following areas should be evaluated :

  • Protruding Jaw/Chin
  • Elongated Chin
  • Deficient Chin
  • Open Bite (space between upper and lower teeth)
  • "Gummy" Smile
  • Difficulty In Chewing, Biting or Swallowing
  • Chronic Jaw or TMJ Pain
  • Speech Problems

Facial Trauma

Any injury to the face or head, either due to motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports, work related or physical violence, can affect either your sight or your ability to breathe, speak or swallow. These injuries can range from facial cuts and lacerations to more serious problems such as broken teeth and fractures. Facial fractures can involve any combination of bones in the lower or upper jaw, palate, cheekbones or eyesocket.

Dr. Valauri is uniquely qualified, through his training and experience, to treat injuries specific to the mouth, face and jaw. Not all facial injuries are alike; some are more serious than others. Even in the case of a moderately cut lip, the expertise of Dr. Valauri is invaluable in bringing about the desired cosmetic result.

The treatment of facial fractures is similar, in principle, to the treatment of a broken arm or broken leg. The method of treatment is determined by various factors such as the location and severity of the fracture and the age and health of the patient.

The patient's facial appearance is minimally affected in the treatment of facial fractures. In accessing the facial bones the incisions are designed to be small and, whenever possible, placed in areas such as hairline or jaw so that the resulting scar is hidden from view.

While you cannot always avoid injury, accidents do happen. Dr. Valauri does recommend that you use seatbelts when riding in any automobile. For that same reason, if you are an athlete, use protective mouth guards and appropriate masks and helmets for your sport.

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